About the project

Bringing a new life to a building in the old town of Vilnius, on Pilies Street, which is almost the most frequented by tourists and citizens, is a considerable challenge. Almost 2000 sq.m. in the area - exclusive commercial and residential spaces. Previously, the basement of the building housed the restaurant "El Gaucho", the beauty salon "Sophistique", the cafe "Kaukazo gerybės" with Caucasian food, and the hotel "Atrium" on the second and third floors. When acquiring the object, we set several goals. First of all, to revive the building so that Vilnius residents and guests of the city can enjoy an authentic, but at the same time tidy, beautiful and updated building, which will inspire both those who live in it and those who pass by.

Project in numbers

12 000 000 €

Project value


Apartament amount

40 - 128 sqm

Appartment size


Implementation year

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Projekto dydis 12 000 000 €

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Projekto dydis 12 000 000 €